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Wedding Venues Toronto

Weddings are one of the most significant events in life. It is therefore essential to plan correctly and in advance, so that the bride and groom and guests have an unforgettable time. Today there are a lot of new ideal for that special day, which will help make it unique. It is essential that you know certain key aspects in order to have a spectacular marriage.

How to Plan The Ideal Wedding?

What Style Do You Want For Your Marriage?

The first step is to define the type of wedding you want. You should consider whether you are only going to have a reception, or whether you also need to take care of the details of the church. In addition to the classic style, today you can choose other trends, such as romantic, rustic, vintage style or you can use a more modern touch. The format you choose will define the decoration, cateringand location, among others.


Is it necessary to hire a Wedding Planner?

A perfect wedding is made up of a series of decisions and steps that must be taken with precision. Many times dealing with location, decoration, catering, music, and other logistical details can be overwhelming. Wedding experts can becomeyour great allies for a perfect celebration. In these specialists you can delegate the planning, organization and coordination of the wedding. In this way, you will live a magical day and reduce the risk of having inconveniences.


The Location

One of the most significantdecisions, is the place where you will make the reception of your marriage. You should keep in mind that the place you choose will be the setting for your special day. Selecting a hotel room is almost always the most common decision. However, if you want to give that unique touch, the wisest thing is to choose a unique place in your class.

If you want to choose the best wedding venues in Toronto, The Symes spaces are an excellent choice. In thesespaces you will enjoy one of the emblematic buildings of the city, which will give your celebration that unique touch to your celebration.

In addition, we offer much more than just a special place. You will be able to count on an excellent team of professionals who will provide you with the best value-added services. In this way you will get a comprehensive solution, facilitating the coordination of all aspects of the event and ensuring a spectacular wedding.


How far in advance should you plan the wedding?

Time is a vital aspect to achieve a dream event. The more you anticipate your planning, the greater your chances of success. Wedding planning experts say it's ideal to start organizing a year early. These are key points to meet, and the approximate time on your timeline:


  • 12 Months Before: select the date of the marriage. Also define the style, and decide whether it will be civil, religious or both.

  • 10 Months: Defines the approximate number of guests. You must also pre-select potential venues. Make a list of all the essentials, always considering the budget.

  • 8 Previous Months: choose services such as photographer, music, and video. It's a good time to arrange the legal documentation necessary to get married.

  • 6 Months: it's time to make the wedding list and fine-tune all the costume details (bridle, groom and courtship. You must also prepare the invitations.

  • 4 months: it's time to fine-tune details with suppliers. You should also hire makeup and hairdressing. It's time to request a menu test and finish planning your event.


Are You Ready For Your Dream Wedding?

If you've decided to take the big step, and want to have one of the best wedding venues in Toronto, The Symes is the place for you. Let our beautiful spaces and our team of specialists help you enjoy a unique and spectacular marriage.

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