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Wedding Reception Venues Toronto

When a wedding is planned, a search begins for the best suppliers in the city to achieve a unique event. Even though today there are excellent wedding planners, couples usually live the adventure of getting suppliers for their celebration.

One of the most important steps to ensure a spectacular wedding is to choose the best wedding reception venues in the city. It is essential to know the key aspects for you to choose a location that will give you a spectacular day.

How To Select The Ideal Wedding Reception Venue?

Location Size


For you to have excellent reception, a critical aspect is that your guests are comfortable during the event. You must select a site that is appropriate for the number of guests your wedding will have. For example, if you contract your wedding venue with The Symes, you will be able to select between 2 of the best wedding reception venues in Toronto. You can choose our Scarlett Room where you can receive 280 guests indoors (250 guests on the terrace), or select The Grand Symes, where you can have up to 350 guests.

It is important that when you choose the place, you not only take into account the size of the room. You should also consider other spaces in the place, such as parking, lobby and other areas necessary for a perfect wedding.

The Magic of the Environment

Please note that the venue will be the setting for your special day. That's why it's vital to tour the eligible rooms and imagine your wedding in each one. In these visits, it is essential that the decorator accompanies you. In this way, you both will be able to decide which of the spaces best adapts to the type of event you want.

Do You Want an Open or Closed Place for Your Wedding?


In addition to considering dimensions and seating, it is essential that you choose whether to celebrate in an open or closed area. If you want a fresher, more country style, you'll want to check out the various camp houses and country clubs. If, on the other hand, you want something more intimate, modern, or cozy, a closed lounge will be the perfect place.

What Unique Details Does Your Marriage Venue Offer?


The best companies that provide services for parties and events go much further than simply offering spaces for rent. If you contract with an excellent agency like The Symes you will have several goodies that will allow you a unique wedding. For example, we have elevators, in-house bar, a complimentary bridal suite, wired facilities for music, audio-visual presentations, and guest Wi-Fi, and the most exquisite and refined catering in Toronto.

It is also important for the team of specialists that the place offers you. For example, we provide a team of event specialists such as Namita Tandom-Walsh and her extensive experience in catering and hospitality. We also have Viviana Kohon and her expertise in organizing events and shows. These extraordinary professionals and their team will guarantee you an exceptional marriage.

Are You Ready To Celebrate An Awesome Wedding?


The Symes has for you the best wedding reception venues in Toronto. Visit us and revel in the magic of one of the most spectacular buildings in the city, which will be the perfect frame for your wedding. You also have the best gastronomic service in the region and a team of professionals who will give you the perfect day.

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