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Event Venue Near Me Toronto

Event space is a crucial part of an event that can often be overlooked. After all, when there are things like catering, music and dancing, lighting, guest list, and several other things to think about, the venue itself can get lost in the shuffle.

When trying to orchestrate an event, particularly a wedding or corporate event, finding the right space can be the most crucial part of the process. But finding the right space can be tricky. Aside from the space of the venue, knowing the amenities, hookups, points of entry, and all of the other variables can make a space tremendous or completely unusable.

So when planning your next corporate event or wedding in the Toronto area, there is one venue in particular that you should consider using to make the planning process go all the more smoothly.

Is there an event venue near me in the Toronto, ON area?

The Grand Symes is a premier event planning venue in the greater Toronto area. The room for which the venue gets its name is a vast 5,600 square foot space capable of housing up to 350 guests. With a huge kitchen space, any catering service will have ample preparation area to set up and make sure that guests are fed promptly.

Our venue offers ground-floor access for wheelchairs as well as bathrooms that are conveniently located. Our parking garage comes equipped with elevators to take you directly into the venue, cutting down on the walk from your car to the site itself.

We also offer a "Scarlett Room" – a luxurious blend of spirit and style perfect for grand entrances like those in a wedding. It features all of the amenities of the Grand Symes room, though it can house 280 guests indoors (250 on the terrace) as opposed to the 350 that the Grand Symes room houses. The Scarlett Room is intimate and elegant, providing the perfect backdrop for upscale events.

For weddings, we also offer a complimentary bridal suite/dressing room where the bride can change outfits throughout the evening or stop for a breather during the course of a hectic day.

Is there staff to work with at the Grand Symes to help me plan my event?

The Grand Symes also boasts an experienced, friendly and versatile team to help you along the way with the event that you are putting on. Our event coordinators have experience with lavish events (such as weddings with a budget of over $100,000) and smaller gathers, using their years of experience to put together some of the most must-be-there events in Canada. One of our coordinators has even orchestrated red-carpet affairs for the Oscars and Juno Awards as well as the Giller Prize award ceremonies.

Our staff has done it all and can assist with your event to make it the most memorable experience possible. You can rest comfortably knowing that our team is behind you so that you can enjoy the night as all of your guests will at the Grand Symes.

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