Corporate Event Space Toronto

Finding the right event space for your corporate event can be difficult and expensive. Planning the event and all it entails – drinks, food, entertainment, atmosphere, etc. – can be an exciting and trying experience, and that doesn't include finding a space that is within your budget and up to the standards required of the space you need.

Events done right will often include food service or catering of some kind, music, perhaps mood lighting, photobooths, and several other features to keep the guests entertained and make sure that the night is a hit. Without the right space, this can be a difficult thing to achieve and can even put a damper on the night.

So the next time you are throwing a corporate event or wedding in the Toronto area, there is one venue in particular that you should make sure to call.

What corporate event space is available in the Toronto, ON, Canada area?

The Grand Symes is a perfect space for any corporate event. It is aptly named because it offers 5,600 square feet of space. There are several windows along the exterior walls to introduce adequate exterior lighting and a massive skylight that is both aesthetically appealing and offers excellent natural or mood lighting.

It has elevator access for those with wheelchairs or handicaps as well as ground floor bathrooms. 

The Grand Symes also has a fully licensed in-house bar to provide all of the libations needed to keep your event rolling along smoothly, ensuring that everyone and their guests are having the best time possible. We also offer completely wired facilities that are perfect for audio-visual presentations, music to keep the event hopping all night, and guest Wi-Fi so that everyone can have access to their smartphones throughout the evening.

For the installation process, we offer direct vehicle access into the room to allow catering services, art installations, music setups, and even luxury vehicles that may be on display to be set up with ease.

Our kitchen preparation area is versatile and expansive, allowing for easy setup and distribution for catering providers. Few things can make or break an event quite like the food and knowing that there is easily accessible space for your caterers to set up can be a huge relief.

And for weddings, The Grand Symes offers a bridal suite/dressing room area because we know that on the big day, multiple outfits can be necessary. Being able to find a furnished, quiet, and private area can be of great importance to a bride on her big day, and the Grand Symes offers one that will leave each bride feeling like they have a place to stop and breathe.

The Grand Symes is enormous, versatile, stylish and there to assist you in making sure that your big event goes off without a hitch. The planning process of these events can be stressful but booking the Grand Symes should be the least stressful part of the process.